Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a certain vendor, there are many questions to be asked and many answers to be found in order to find the perfect one for you.  This page is dedicated to answering many of the questions that have come up in the past.  We have tried to answer all questions that one may have when looking for a photobooth for their event.

What is included in your basic package

The best part about Premier Photobooths is the fact that we include almost everything in our packages.  We will NOT hit you with 4 or 5 add ons that will drive your price up hundreds of dollars.  The price we quote you with is the price you will pay.  


Included in each package:  up to 4 hours of rental time, photobooth attendant, UNLIMITED pictures, double pictures, color or black and white photos, video messaging, SCRAPBOOK, prop box featuring classy props for your guests, Facebook and Smug Mug Password protected albums, DVD of all pictures throughout the night.​

How Does it Work?

You and your guests jump into the booth after putting on some of our classy props.  Everything is done from a touchscreen.  You can choose if you want color or black and white photos.  Once chosen, the camera snaps 3-4 pictures (depending on what you want) while you watch on a LED monitor that is in real time.  Lab quality prints are printed on our Sub Dye (industry best) Hiti printer.  Once you step out of the booth, your guests can retrieve their photos (double prints) and go over to the scrapbook and share their photo and congratulatory messages in the book.


How do I go about booking an event?
Give us a call at 631-786-9067 in Suffolk County and 516-965=9635 in Nassau County.  You can also email us at  We will see if your date is available.  Once a date is set and we are able to service your event, a contract will be drawn up to include specifics on your event.  After looking over the onctract, you will sign and send back a deposit around $100-$200 for the booking.  That will hold the date and secure our services.  The balance is due the day of the event in CASH ONLY.​

Why Should We Book a Photobooth for Our Event?

​It is the main reason why we are in business.  We each (both owners) had one at our weddings and it was the most memorable part of the reception.  We look at the SCRAPBOOK from the photobooth more than anything else from our wedding.   You can use them as party favors.  We also personalize each photostrip to your event with names, dates, logos etc.  Many times we see our photostrips on friend's refrigerators from our own weddings.  It is wildly popular and one of the most memorable aspects of an inportant event



What Makes Premier Photobooths Different From Others?

​We offer a high quality booth that can fit upwards of 8-10 people in the booth at one time.  We are OWNER operated.  When you call to inquire or to book, you will be speaking with an OWNER.  An owner that takes pride in his company.  We will work with you to fully customize your event.  We have experience at business owners and understands what the customer needs and, more importantly, WANTS.  Each table at your event can fit into our booth at once.  Wedding parties, extended families all go in and take pictures together.  WE GET IT!  BOTTOM LINE...



How Fast Do the Prints Come Out?

As soon as the last picture is taken in the booth the printer goes to work and starts printing instantly.  It usually takes as little as 10 seconds to get the photo.  We are very fast by industry standards.  They come out SMUDGE FREE and Intstantly DRY due to a high tech SUB DYE Printer- which is tops in the industry

Are the Photos of High Quality?

Yes.  The combination of the DSLR Camera (Canon Rebel T5i or better, 18 megapixels) and the Hiti Sub Dye Printer, we provide you with excellent photos that are crisp and vibrant.  All prints come with a glossy finish.

What if a Guest Loses Their Prints the Night of?

All images will be given to the host after the event.  Also there will be an optional Facebook upload of all photostrips and a password protected album on Pixie Set  

Do We Get Unlimited Prints During the Event?  

The photobooth is yours.  We will provide you with unlimited prints during the entire event.  As many times as your guests go into the booth, we will print out DOUBLE copies for everyone.  IF THERE ARE 6 PEOPLE IN THE BOOTH, 6 COPIES WILL COME OUT


Is the Photobooth Big and Bulky?

Ha.  No.  It will fit in any passenger car.  It is totally transportable.  If your event is on the 2nd floor, basement, beach, outside, inside, we can get our booth exactly where you want it to go.  Anyone can see one of our booths at any time to get a detailed look at the features, etc.  Everyone goes into the booth and stands up to take their pictures.  Normally we need about a 10x10 space for the booth, room for a line of people, prop table and scrapbook table.

How Many People Can Fit Inside the Booth?

We get asked this question all the time.  THEY ALL can fit upwards of 8-10 adults inside the booth.  The ability to bring entire wedding tables into the booth is a great feature at Premier.  We have fit as many as 21 PEOPLE IN A PIC

How Long Should I Rent the Photobooth For?

In a typical hour, the booth will be used for 50 sessions.  To ensure everyone get a chance to utilize the booth, you should count on and hour and a half for every 100 guests.  Typically the booth is rented for 4 hours in duration.  If you need the booth for less time, please let us know and we can adjust prices accordingly.

Once Inside the Booth What Happens?

You get "in", look at the computer and hit the touchscreen.  The on screen instructions will detail what you are to do.  You choose color or black and white photos or any other filter that you want.  Once you choose you need to START SMILING.  It is very user friendly.

Where Should We Set Up the Booth?

Typically you want the booth "near the action"/  It always seems to work when the booth is near the bar or dance floor.  You tell us where you want the booth for your event.

Is the Booth Wheelchair Accessible?

Absolutely.  It is an open area inside the photobooth.  Perfect for anyone in a wheelchair

What Are the Electrical Requirements?

We require a standard 15 amp circuit.  This is the same outlet that you would find in your house.  We do ask that we DO NOT share the same circuit as the DJ Equipment, Bounce Houses, etc...


What Exactly is a Scrapbook?

The book is for the guest of honor.  It is a photo album with blank pages where quests are encouraged to put a picture from their photobooth session into the scrapbook and create a message for the guests.  We will guide the guests through filling out the book.  The only thing in advance that we will need is a small table next to the photobooth for the display.  INCLUDED ALWAYS IN EVERY PACKAGE


What Exactly are Props?

Add ons to make the photobooth sessions fun and memorable.  These props include the following:  crazy hats, signs, mustaches and lips on a stick, sunglasses, boas, open ended frames, etc

Most of our props do not come from the "Party Store".  They are purchased from vendors on ETSY and are VERY CLASSY!

Can We Supply Our Own Props?

Absolutely.  Please let our on site attendant know beforehand