In Business since 2011

What we are all about at Premier Photobooths


At Premier, we are dedicated to providing a wonderful and enhanced experience for your event.  The events that we service, are some of the most important and exciting days in a person's lifetime.  As owners, we are family oriented.  We always try to capture the perfect moments in life.  This photo booth is a perfect avenue to do so.  

We chose the name "Premier" because we are a first class operation and want to give all of our clients and their guests a "premier" experience.  We are all about making sure everyone at an event has a good time.  Our photobooths will provide your guests with a personalized favor that will last as long as the memories they hold.  From kids to grandparents, everyone is entertained by the booth.  The photobooth creates an extra at an event that cannot be replicated.  Near the bar or dance floor, the photobooth will provide laughter and fun for your guests during the entire event.

How it Works:
Premier Photobooths will set up before the event begins (NORMALLY 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE EVENT).  We will make sure that we have spoken with the maitre'd, owners, bride and groom to ensure a smooth set up.  Before your event, you may choose a background color of your choice.  Maybe one to match the colors of your event. You and your guests will head into the booth and start taking pictures.  They can choose from a variety of props including:  crazy hats, sunglasses, masks, open frames, etc from a prop table set up next to the booth.  After you are done taking the pictures you walk out and the pictures print almost immediately as the next group of people go into the booth.  There are 2 identical photo strips that print out.  One for you to take home as a keepsake and the other goes into a scrapbook set up for the host of the event.  If you have 6 guests in the booth, all of them will get a copy of the session.  Once you are finished you can head over to the social media station and upload your favorite photos to facebook, twitter, instagram etc.